"It is a pleasure to write this letter of recommendation for Gerald Djuth. I greatly appreciated Jerry's stellar performance in the handling of my health needs in Sacramento, California. Being relatively new to holistic methodologies, the process can be overwhelming and quite frankly intimidating. However, Jerry listened to my needs and concerns and then surpassed each and every one of them, with a very professional, yet extremely personal style that was characteristic of superb customer service.
His ability to meet my needs through acupuncture, kinesiology, and therapeutic massage relieved my pain and provided a foundation of person health that was unbelievable! He obviously knows the natural healing tools required to assist you from a place of pain to a state of well-being and personal growth. He is very articulate, with an ability to tailor the information that needs to be communicated to whatever level necessary to effectively get the message across. His innovative problem solving techniques are priceless and his personal integrity and standards of excellence are admirable.
Finally, I can't speak highly enough of Gerald's ability to hear my needs and educate me on how to make effective decisions about my healing. I look forward to a working with him in the future.
Miriam G. Michael, Ph.D.
"Gerald Djuth's gentle and caring approach to healing has kept me going back for years. His many and varied skills have helped me to stay healthy or get over both small and major healing challenges. I highly recommend him to all of my friends."
Judy Lynn Taylor
"I first went to Gerald seeking help for some long standing hormonal, digestive and structural issues as well as a recent tailbone trauma. I've known many very talented healers through the years. But this time I required a different perspective and skill set. Although my needs were all over the board, Gerald quickly prioritized my treatments to first get quick relief for the injury which was not healing correctly. He then tapped his vast knowledge to assist me in changing my diet to manage blood sugar for better digestion and a smoother perimenopausal transition. Hi expertise and focus helped me negotiate with my family doctor for the tests I needed. Along that way we discussed how family & emotional issues affect health, and I experienced the amazing possibilities of accupuncture. I followed up on his suggestion of orthopedic inserts for my shoes... what a difference! He is now my regular guide in choosing and testing supplements to best support my whole body health from now on. Whew! Now that's a master healer!"
Soleil Tranquilli
"Dr. Djuth provides state-of-the-art diagnostic and treatment procedures. He is a particularly skilled nutritionist, and can treat symptoms with carefully selected herbs you administer yourself. Very good results."
Linda Eisenman
"Dr. Djuth is a pro with a gentle touch, caring bed side manner and superior skills in healing. He helped me overcome several physical conditions that I have had no trouble with since. I highly recommend his practice."
Richard Burdick
"I highly recommend Gerald's work. Not only did he help me alleviate a few aches and pains, but he also helped guide me with my overall health and nutrition. Before working with him I was apprehensive about acupuncture, to say the least. Now I recommend it to everyone, Gerald's services in particular. He is a man of remarkable knowledge, but best of all he has a warm, comfortable presence that make working with him a blessing."
Jerry Lipnisky
"Gerald inspires trust and confidence in a field that is still mysterious to many, including me. I have referred friends and family to Gerald and we have all benefited from his healing hands and wealth of knowledge."
Robyn DeLong
"Thank you for all your wonderful help! You are an accomplished and gifted natural healer. Your supportive and compassionate style, your blending of Western and Eastern healing traditions, along with your superb skills and insights, are all proving invaluable to me on my pathway to wellness and balance. I look forward to continuing our work in the New Year."
- With deepest respect and gratitude, Norma Martinez
"I'm a mess! Motorcycle wrecks, skiing and surfing accidents, have led to a bad back, arthritic shoulders, and a bad neck. Over the past 39 plus years, I've tried everything including surgery. Just two amazing sessions with Gerald, and more than half my normal pain is gone! Come meet Gerald. Just do it!"
- Michael Young
"I made an appointment with Gerald Djuth for acupuncture treatment for temporomandibular joint disorder (TMJ). I was told after seeing an MD and Orthodontist that I would need surgery or $6,000 braces, or both. After nine appointments, the TMJ disorder is nearly gone."
- Joann Hipp
"The morning after my first treatment, I woke up in tears of joy. It was like a miracle. The first time in 15 years I got out of bed and could stand up right away, no limping to the restroom. I just kept walking up and down the hall crying because I could walk without pain."
- Sherri Hendricks
"Thank you from the bottom of my heart for the allergy treatment you gave me on Wednesday. I had been coughing non-stop for 16 days total and things were getting worse every day, not better. The cough medicine prescribed by my general practitioner at Kaiser wasn't helping at all. The day I came to see you was the absolute worst and I was honestly wondering how long I could go on like that. I didn't notice much of a change immediately following the treatment, but by the next morning, I felt REMARKABLY better. It was like magic! I went from coughing, literally, every time I tried to talk, to coughing only occasionally (maybe once every couple of hours). Last night I went all night without coughing. I can breathe again! I am THRILLED. Thank you SO much! -"
- Amy Edwards
"I have recently been diagnosed with Type II Diabetes; my doctor recommended attempting to control this condition by a combination of diet and exercise while monitoring blood sugar levels. Happily, my wife and I were told about Gerald J. Djuth, L.Ac by a caring family member. After consulting with Gerald, both my wife and I decided to participate in the Ultralite weight-loss program under Gerald's supervision. Now, only one week into the program, both of our weights have dropped, inches have melted away, and best surprise of all for me...my blood sugar has dropped to the normal range and hovers between 78 and 100mg/dl (with occasional spike to higher levels if I fail to exercise). My original fasting glucose level was measured at 193 mg/dl. What a happy surprise. The Ultralite program is easy to understand and we have not experienced hunger, nor do we feel deprived. And, we can feel (and see) the results...we will have a positive life-style change as a result of this experience."
- Steve and Linda Hoover